Escondido Community Food Packaging Event

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Make plans to join us on February 22nd for the Escondido Community Food Packaging Event! This is the third event that we have organized in partnership with Friends and Family Community Connection (FFCC). Each meal packaged costs 25 cents and is a mixture that offsets the effects of starvation. Much of the food packaged that day will be sent to the Philippines and some will remain for distribution here in San Diego County. Our goal is 100,000 meals and the cost is $25,000. To date, we are approaching $12,000.

Some deadlines that we need to meet:
• 50% payment ($12,500) due to FFCC by January 23rd.
• Full payment ($25,0000) due to FFCC by February 12th.
(These are for the purchase of the ingredients and supplies)
We will begin the registration process for helping at the event on the weekend of January 17-18. There will be a team in the welcome center to get you signed up!

There are several ways to partner with us as we move toward our date:
• Pray about the purchase of one of the boxes that will be used to ship the food that we package. The boxes are $54.00 and provide 216 meals. These will be the actual boxes used at our event and can be decorated as a family project in advance.
• Pray about any financial offering that you may be led to give.
• Consider asking businesses and community groups to
partner with us towards the cost of the food.
• T-shirts are available for purchase between church services. Proceeds for the sales will go towards the food and with the Grace family wearing the shirts our event gets promoted!

More information is available in the welcome center or contact Pastor Scott at Thank you for your support and excitement for this upcoming adventure and may God bless and guide us in our efforts!

Author: Vanessa Lippman