Senior Staff

Pastor Jim Young, Pastor Scott Gary, Pastor Sam Gomez, Vicar David Sargenti, Ben Elliott, Kara Warner, Michelle Quezada, Ronae Cherkin, Cheryl Hernandez, and Darlene Beebe.

Church Elders

Kevin DeCew – Chairman, Jack Anderson, Matt Arnold, A.J. Brumfield, Ron Carter, Del Morton, Bob Ness, John Osslund, Darryl Reitmeyer, Dean Richmond, Mark Schmidt

Deacon to the Elders

Gene Bonk, Larry Berkel

Administrative Council 

Ron Klingensmith-President, Phil Schultz-Vice President, Pat McTigue-Treasurer, Shaila Schmidt-Secretary, Brian Miliate-Member at Large, Phil Sensmeier-Member at Large, Lori Wilson-Member at Large,  and Luz Oliavres-Member at Large.

The Administrative Council serves Grace Lutheran Church and Christian School. Members of the Council are elected by the congregation. The School Principal and Church Administrator attend all meetings of the Administrative Council, and provide regular reports on church and school business. All budget, salary, tuition, and related decisions involving the administration of the church and school are made at the council level. Parents and other interested individuals are welcome to attend meetings of the Administrative Council that meets every Friday at 8am, and are welcome to voice their opinions concerning the administration of both the church and school.


Back Row left to right: Brian Miliate-Member at Large, Pat McTigue-Treasurer, Ron Klingensmith-President, Del Morton-Vice President, Phil Sensmeier-Member at Large.

Front Row left to right: Lori Wilson-Member at Large, Shaila Schmidt-Secretary, Luz Oliavres-Member at Large.

Meeting Minutes

Congregational Meetings

Elder Meetings

Administrative Council Meetings

Senior Staff Meetings